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Exoplanet white paper forum

This article contains material pertaining to the April 4th forum to prepare an exoplanet white paper in response to ESA’s call for science themes for its L2 and L3 missions. The conclusions of the forum are summarized in the attached "Conclusions" document.

PDF - 32.6 kb

Outline, agenda and assignments for the WP production

The participation to the forum is updated on this online poll

The video capture (part 1) is available offline:

The presentations which have been displayed:

PDF - 146.3 kb
ESA call for white papers

Official call

PDF - 57.6 kb
J. Schneider’s presentation

Imperatives for an exoplanet White Paper

PDF - 1 Mb
A. Léger’s presentation

Implication of a low value of eta Earth

PDF - 1.7 Mb
JC Augereau’s presentation

Debris disks

PDF - 3.6 Mb
A. Boccaletti’s presentation

Direct imaging spectroscopy

PDF - 7.3 Mb
F. Mlabet’s presentation


The video capture (part 2) is availalble offline:

Unfortunately a power outage prevented to have the final half hour of discussion. Here are the final captures of the whiteboard:

JPEG - 1.3 Mb
Capture of Whiteboard #1
JPEG - 975.4 kb
Capture of Whiteboard #2

If you want to provide feedback, a multi-user chat will be open on Skype. Ask to be connected to the user "astrobluedots". You can send your comments in writing through the chat (they will be displayed in the meeting room or read to the audience by a moderator), or, if you want to make a more substantial statement, ask to be called via Skype. You can also send pdf slides or other documents via the Skype chat, which will be uploaded on this page for others to enjoy.

Alternatively, you can send comments and/or material by email at .

The agenda for the April 4th meeting is :

- 11AM-1PM : introduction and individual presentations. The nominal time allocation for a presentation is 10mn, + 5mn for a mini-discussion while changing speaker. If more there are more than 8 speakers, the duration of each presentation will have to be reduced accordingly;

- 1PM-2PM : lunch

- 2PM-4PM : open discussion on the outline for the WP, main sections

- 4PM-5PM : open discussion : who does what, agenda

- 5PM : adjourn

Thursday 4 April 2013 by Vincent Coudé du Foresto


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