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Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces

Confirmed participants to the atmospheric group

- France Allard (CRAL, radiative transfer, spectral models)
- Nicole Allard (GEPI, spectroscopy of atomic species)
- Alan Aylward et al. (UCL, 3D upper atm. modeling)
- Bruno Bezard (LESIA, solar system, models/observations)
- James Cho (QMU, atmosphere dynamics)
- Athena Coustenis (LESIA, solar system, models/obs.)
- Olivier Grasset (Un. Nantes, planetary interior)
- John Harries (Imperial College, Earth mod/obs)
- Hugh Jones (Un. of Herthfordshire, exoplanet obs.)
- Helmut Lammer (IWF/OeAW, upper atm.)
- Emmanuel Lellouch (LESIA, solar system, model/obs.)
- Enric Palle (IAC, Earth observations/biosig.)
- Heike Rauer et al. (DLR, atmos/biosig. modeling)
- Jean Schneider (LUTH, exoplanet observations)
- Franck Selsis (Un. Bordeaux, planetary models/biosig.)
- Daphne Stam (SRON, exoplanet polarization)
- Jonathan Tennyson (UCL, spectroscopy of molecules)
- Giovanna Tinetti (UCL, exoplanet spectral simulations)
- Yuk Yung (Caltech, photochemistry/rad. transfer)

This section's articles

Key science questions (Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces)

Wednesday 21 May 2008 by Vincent Coudé du Foresto
Here are the key science questions that have been identified in relation to the Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces theme: What are the physical characteristics of the atmospheres (T, P, haze, clouds, winds) ? Spectra, polarization, spectral models What is the nature and composition of the (...)

Present day observations and perspetives for the future (Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces)

Wednesday 13 February 2008 by flo