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Modelling Habitable Planets

The goal of this Blue Dots subTeam is to identify the theoretical or experimental studies to carry out in order to guide the design of future instruments and to extract the information relevant for planetary science and astrobiology from future observations.

Group members:

- Franck Selsis (CNRS, Bordeaux, franck.selsis§ )
- Giovanna Tinetti (UCL, London, g.tinetti§
- Lisa Kaltenegger (CfA, Harvard, lkaltenegger§
- Lee Grenfell (DLR, Berlin, Lee.Grenfell§
- Enric Palle (IAC, Tenerife)

This section's articles

Signatures interpretation & biomarkers (Modelling Habitable Planets)

Saturday 29 November 2008 by Franck Selsis
A wide diverstity of spectral features should be found among terrestrial exoplanets. In addition to the expected variety of planet bulk compositions, orbits and stars, the atmospheres, and thus the planetary spectra, should exhibit an even broader range of properties. The atmosphere represents (...)