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Single Aperture Imaging

Nature and Aims of the Single Aperture Imaging group

The Single Aperture Imaging group covers the theme of high contrast imaging on monolithic telescopes. It involves not only coronagraphy (attenuation of the coherent starlight) but also the problematic related to the speckle noise and hence the techniques of wavefront control, super polishing, and differential imaging (by mean of spectroscopy, polarimetry or coherence). The primary goal is to make a status of the various techniques developed in Europe and then to evaluate their maturity (lab/sky experiments, limitations & solutions, development plan, schedule and cost) in order to identify their potential contribution in a roadmap.

composition of this group :
- Anthony Boccaletti (Obs. Paris, LESIA, F)
- Pierre Baudoz (Obs. Paris, LESIA, F)
- Lyu Abe (Univ. Nice, FIZEAU, F)
- Yves Rabbia (Univ. Nice, FIZEAU, F)
- Jean Gay (Univ. Nice, FIZEAU, F)
- Jean-Luc Beuzit (Obs. Grenoble, LAOG, F)
- Christophe Vérinaud (Obs. Grenoble, LAOG, F)
- Raffaele Gratton (Obs. Padova, I)
- Markus Kasper (ESO, G)
- Laurent Koechlin (Obs. Midi Pyrénées, F)
- Motohide Tamura (NAOJ, J)
- Dimitri Mawet (IAGL, B)
- Pascal Bordé (IAS, F)
- Thierry Fusco (ONERA, F)
- Laurent Mugnier (ONERA, F)
- Kjetil Dohlen (Obs. Marseille, LAM, F)
- Wolfgang Brandner (Max Planck Heidelberg, G)
- Jean Schneider (Obs. Paris, LUTH, F)

This section's articles

Parameters for Direct Imaging projects (Single Aperture Imaging)

Monday 17 November 2008 by Anthony Boccaletti
A list of projects/missions with relevant parameters (concept, spectral range, IWA, contrast, ...) PLEASE COMMENT ...

Definition of Coronagraph ( (Coronagraphy)

Friday 6 June 2008 by Anthony Boccaletti
A coronagraph is a device which blocks light from the center of the telescope beam while permitting light from surrounding sources to pass through relatively undisturbed. The coronagraph was invented by the French astronomer Bernard Lyot in 1939 (Figure 1), to enable astronomers to observe the (...)

Announcement to constitute de group (Single Aperture Imaging)

Wednesday 21 May 2008 by Anthony Boccaletti
Dear all, I’m contacting you on behalf of the Blue Dot Team. Some of you have already heard about this group which is coordinated by Vincent Coudé du Foresto and was initiated by the Darwin former team as a response to the non-selection of missions geared to direct imaging of exoplanets at the (...)