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Group Coordinator: Alessandro Sozzetti (sozzetti§

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  • Roi Alonso (roi.alonso§
  • David Blank (david.blank§
  • Claude Catala’ (Claude.Catala§
  • Hans Deeg (hdeeg§, reserve
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  • Dante Minniti (dante§
  • Frederic Pont (frederic.pont§, to be updated)
  • Heike Rauer (Heike.Rauer§

This section's articles

Parameters Grid for Exoplanet Transit Projects (Transits)

Sunday 30 November 2008 by Alessandro Sozzetti
We list here a ground-based as well as space-borne observatories/projects devoted to the detection and characterization of planetary transits, providing several relevant key parameters (e.g., observables, photometric performance, limiting mag, expected number of (...)

New article (Transits)

Tuesday 4 March 2008 by flo
The word "transit" refers to cases where the nearer object appears considerably smaller in apparent size than the more distant object. Cases where the nearer object appears larger and completely hides the more distant object are known as occultations. Cases where one object moves into the (...)