Blue Dots

BD meeting #4

The next Blue Dots meeting was held at Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (Council Room) on November 17-18th, 2008:


- Jean-Philippe Beaulieu (on-and-off, preparing the Molecules workshop)
- Anthony Boccaletti
- James Cho (Planetary atmospheres, Monday only)
- Vincent Coudé du Foresto
- Keigo Enya (JTPF)
- Fabio Favata (ESA, Monday morning only)
- Szymon Gladysz (ESO)
- Helmut Lammer
- Marc Ollivier
- Jean Schneider (Monday only)
- Giovanna Tinetti
- Gerard van Belle (Monday only)
- Hans Zinnecker

Skype links to:

- Abhijit Chakraborty
- Lisa Kalteneger
- Nuno Santos
- Damien Segransan (Tuesday only)
- Alessandro Sozzetti
- Ewa Szuszkiewicz


Monday, Nov. 17th

Morning: general matters and discussions:

- 9h30: welcome, agenda and practicalities (Foresto)
- 9h45: ESA, EP-RAT status (Favata)
- 10h45: SPICA status in Japan (Enya)

- 11h15: coffee break

- 11h30: Europlanet plans and funding opportunities for Blue Dots (Lammer)
- 12h00: THE roadmap? (Schneider)

- 13h00: lunch break

Afternoon: Astrophysics working group grids presentations and discussions:

- 14h15: Observations of planetary atmospheres (Tinetti)
- 15h15: Formation évolution of planetary systems (Zinnecker)

- 16h15: coffee break

- 16h30: Habitability criteria (Kaltenegger, by Skype)
- 17h30: Harmonization of science Grids (discussion, all)

- 19h30: dinner at Sud-Ouest et Compagnie, 39 boulevard du Montparnasse (Google Map itinerary from IAP).

Tuesday, Nov. 18th

Morning: Instrumentation working group grids presentations and discussions:

- 9h30: Single aperture imaging (Boccaletti)
- 10h15: Multiple aperture imaging (Ollivier)

- 11h00: Coffee break

- 11h15: Astrometry (Segransan, by Skype)
- 12h00: Radial velocities (Santos, by Skype)
- 12h45: Transits (Sozzetti, by Skype)

- 13h30: Lunch break

- 14h30: Microlensing (Beaulieu)
- 15h15: Harmonization of instrumentation grids (discussion)

- 16h00: Coffee break

- 16h15: Pathways SOC matters

- 18h00: Adjourn

Friday 14 November 2008 by Vincent Coudé du Foresto


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