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This working group is supposed to formulate key questions about the formation and evolution of planetary systems (FEPS). Questions include circumstellar disk evolution and planetary formation (both in single binary star systems), planetary architecture evolution and stability, and ultimately the conditions and evolution of stellar habitable zones as well as planetary satellites.

Members are:

- Willy Benz (Uni Bern, willy.benz§
- Willi Kley (Uni Tuebingen, wilhelm.kley§
- Sascha Krivov (FSU Jena, krivov§
- Michael Meyer (ETH Zürich, mmeyer§
- Sebastian Wolf (CAU Kiel,, co-chair
- Hans Zinnecker (AIP Potsdam,, chair

more members will be added in due course...

Saturday 13 December 2008 by Vincent Coudé du Foresto