Blue Dots


The habitability group is concerned with investigating the conditions on the surface of planetary bodies and the factors that determine whether a planetary body is habitable. The group is concerned with understanding whether observations of extrasolar planets match habitability criteria for life and what spectral observations of distant extrasolar planets imply about the conditions available for life. The group is also interested in the limits of life and its tolerance of extreme environments.

- Charles Cockell, Open University (c.s.cockell§
- Sergiu Fendrihan, University of Salzburg (sergiu.fendrihan§
- Lisa Kaltenegger, Harvard University (lkaltene§
- Helmut Lammer, Austrian Academy of Sciences (helmut.lammer§
- John Raven, University of Dundee (j.a.raven§
- Franck Selsis (franck.selsis§

Tuesday 1 July 2008 by Vincent Coudé du Foresto