Blue Dots

List of group coordinators

List of expert groups and their coordinators (replace § by @ in the email addresses):

Astrophysical themes:
- Targets and their environments: Ignasi Ribas (iribas§
- Formation and evolution of planetary systems: Hans Zinnecker (hzinnecker§ and Sebastian Wolf (wolf§
- Planetary atmospheres and surfaces: Giovanna Tinetti (g.tinetti§
- Habitability criteria: Charles Cockell (C.S.Cockell§ and Lisa Kaltenegger (lkaltenegger§

- Radial velocity: Nuno Santos (nuno§
- Single aperture imaging: Anthony Boccaletti (anthony.boccaletti§
- Multiple aperture imaging: Marc Ollivier (marc.ollivier§
- Microlensing: Jean-Philippe Beaulieu (beaulieu§
- Modelling: Franck Selsis (franck.selsis§
- Astrometry: Damien Segransan (Damien.Segransan§ and Fabien Malbet (Fabien.Malbet§
- Transits: Alessandro Sozzeti (sozzetti§

- Public outreach and education: Ewa Szuszkiewicz (szusz§
- European networking and funding search: Helmut Lammer (helmut.lammer§
- Interface with the industry: Christoph Keller (C.U.Keller§

- ESO contact point: Gerard van Belle (gerard.van.belle§
- JPL’s ExoPlanet Exploration Program representative: Chas Beichman (chas§
- JAXA contact point: Hiroshi Shibai (shibai.hiroshi§
- Russia / Eastern Europe contact point: Maxim Khodachenko (maxim.khodachenko§
- Contact point for India: Abhijit Chakraborty (abhijit§
- Contact point for China: Gang Zhao (

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